Audi CPO

“Same Championship Treatment, incredible value. Certified Pre-Owned is just like buying a new car at THE COLLECTION.” -Dwyane Wade

Drive a Certified pre-owned

Welcome to THE COLLECTION Certified pre-owned in Miami. It is our goal to provide you with the finest certified, low-mileage Audi vehicles.

All Audi vehicles have been serviced, maintained and have undergone meticulous factory specified inspections. In addition, all our vehicles come with factory certification and extended warranties, making these pre-owned automobiles a sound and worry-free investment.


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Audi Certified pre-owned Overview

Performance and Peace of Mind

To say we consider each and every detail, both when we build your Audi and when we give it our Certified stamp of approval, is hardly an exaggeration. We’re Audi. Ours is a history of details. Some large, some small. But all of them, quite important.

There’s no better illustration of our attention to detail than our 300+ Point Inspection process. No other manufacturer puts its Certified pre-owned cars through a tougher, or more encompassing, examination-an examination every Audi has to ace in order to qualify as Certified pre-owned.


Top 10 Reasons to own

Some call it excessive, we call it being thorough.

In addition to our relentless inspection process, incredible warranty coverage and the world-renowned, luxury performance of every Audi, we have the 10 more compelling reasons to own an Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle.
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  1. A comprehensive 300+ point inspection.
  2. Up to 6 years or 100,000 total vehicle miles of limited warranty coverage.
  3. The Audi Certified pre-owned program offers exceptional benefits.
  4. Our vehicles are built to last.
  5. Our vehicles are designed to stand the test of time.
  6. The driver is top of our mind.
  7. Purchase the Audi you’ve always dreamed about.
  8. Every Audi vehicle goes through rigorous testing during development.
  9. We’ve made owning an Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle even better.
  10. We are committed to making you a lifelong Audi fan.

Warranty Details

Audi Certified pre-owned Car Warranty

Warranty Period
If there is remaining coverage from the Audi New Car Limited at the time of Certified pre-owned purchase, the Audi New Car Limited Warranty provides coverage on the Certified pre-owned vehicle until its expiration, either 4 years from the original in-service date or at 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first. When the Audi New Car Limited Warranty expires, the Audi Certified pre-owned vehicles are backed with one of the most comprehensive certified limited warranties in the business: Audi Certified pre-owned Limited Warranty becomes effective and provides coverage for a period of 2 years or up to 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first, not to exceed 100,000 total vehicle miles. For Audi R8 vehicles, the authorized Audi dealer must also have the designation Audi R8 Certified Point or Audi R8 Service Point.

CPO Financing

Like Purchasing a New Audi.
For a Price That’s Significantly Less.

As an Audi customer, you receive the same quality services and personal attention whether you opt for a new or Certified pre-owned vehicle. Our purchasing option terms are flexible, ranging from 12 to 48 months, and as long as 72 months for some model years. Other benefits you’ll enjoy include our competitive interest rates, ease of application, convenient payment plans and no prepayment penalties.

Next Step
Simply click here to fill out the contact form and a Dealership representative will get back to you shortly to discuss options. If you qualify, we’ll design a purchasing arrangement that meets your needs. Then you’ll be on your way with the confidence that your vehicle is backed by the Audi Certified stamp of approval (which includes a rigorous 300+ Point Inspection process). It’s like an almost new Audi. At a price that’s significantly less.