“If there’s something I can appreciate, it’s a killer crossover. With its handling, luxury and ground clearance, the Audi Q5 fits the bill.” -Dwyane Wade

2015 Audi Q5

Every so often a car is made that perfectly delivers upon the desires of the times. Right now, that desire is the handling of a sport sedan, the higher ground clearance of an SUV, and the cabin of a luxury car — an apt description for the 2015 Audi Q5.

The Audi Q5 Available Features

Statement of Design

When an Audi Q5 drives by, its sporty and sophisticated profile can’t be missed. With its dramatic wheels and classy aluminum roof rails this is one SUV that stands apart. For 2015, the Q5 has been further beautified, with a new grille, sleeker designs … Read more >>

Power Tailgate

The tailgate on the Q5 features power opening/closing and a programmable opening height to make loading quick and easy.

Panoramic Sunroof

With two expansive glass panels running nearly the full length of the roof, the panoramic sunroof can bathe the entire cabin in natural light.

Audi MMI® Navigation plus Package

Combining CD, DVD, HD Radio™ technology, an MMI® navigation system with voice control, Audi connect™, and the Audi parking system with rear view camera, this suite of technologies make every minute in the Q5 more entertaining.
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Audi Q5 Photos

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Audi Q5 Videos

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Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro

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MMI Nav Tutorial

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Q5 Crash Test

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Audi Bluetooth


Adaptive Cruise Control

Step Inside the All New Audi Q5

The 2015 Audi Q5 isn’t just a head-turning SUV; it’s the #1 head-turning SUV for luxury compact sport utility vehicles. If you are looking all over comfort, dependability, smooth handling and advanced technology in one, the Audi Q5 delivers all of this and more. It has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a 28 MPG fuel economy. Precision steering and balanced handling create a secure, reliable drive anywhere that you go. As far as performance, the Q5 is one of the top-rated SUVs for its class. You can reach top speeds of 155 miles per hour with the SQ5 and receive a 7-speed all-wheel drive. While it may look like sport utility, it actually provides the performance and power of a sports car. That’s not the only thing to love about this luxury SUV. Audi wanted to create a more advanced cabin for the SUV that combines all types of driver personalities. Interior features the latest technology including:

  • Triple zone climate control
  • 10-speaker stereo
  • Satellite radio
  • Smart phone connectivity
  • Push-button start
  • Rearview camera with parking sensors
  • Blind-spot monitoring system
The safety of the Q5 also makes it one of the stand-out SUVs for families. All of the sensors and cameras provide for maneuverability while the handling is incredibly easy to control in tight spaces. Along with front, passenger and rear airbags, you’re safe wherever you travel with the Audi Q5. Learn more about the Audi Q5 and schedule an appointment to test drive it today.

The Audi Q5 Success

The Audi Q5 Goes a Step Further

Since the very beginning, people have wondered about a SUV that can provide space yet still maintain fuel efficiency and performance. The Audi Q5 does all of this and much more. One of the reasons that so many people love this vehicle is the fuel efficiency that it provides. Others comment on the attractive exterior appearance of the SUV with its sleek body, modern lighting design and aerodynamic frame.

The Q5 also has several options to create an even better luxury vehicle. You can get a supercharged V6, soft leather seating, exterior trim, sports seats and Audi Connect wireless Internet access. The entertainment system inside of the Audi is one of the best and offers all kinds of video, news, music and much more to provide the most comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

All of the sensors and monitoring cameras were built into this SUV to create a safer driving experience. You don’t have to worry about backing out of a parking spot or missing the motorist next to you on the highway. With rearview camera, parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring and navigation, you’ll be able to go wherever the road leads and feel safe.

The cargo space in the Q5 allows you to carry equipment, camping gear, school stuff, marketing materials, art projects, pets and whatever else you have to bring with you on the road. Critics reviewed the Q5’s cargo capacity as one of the best for its class.

Test drive the 2015 Audi Q5 today and see what a difference driving can be with the ultimate safety and technology package at your fingertips.